Nathans Burger

The Nathan Burger

Chow down on one of our signitures, the Nathan Burger. A chicken breast battered with our secret mix before being deep fried and topped with pickled onions, the Nathan Burger will surely leave you wanting more.


Pan-Fried Salmon

Pan fried and based with butter, served on top of some stir-fired spinach and creamy mashed potatos, and topped with cubed cucumbers and bell peppers, our Pan-Fried Salmon is as fresh as they come.

raise the steaks

Wagyu Steak

This succulent piece of meat was imported all the way from japan just for you. Seasoned with salt and pepper, Grilled over a white oak and charcoal grill, and finally brushed with garlic butter.

Berry Blast

Berry Blast

A drink for all the single ladies out there. This drink gets the perfect amount of fizz thanks to prosecco. It is the perfect combination of fresh fruit, mint and fizz. Perfect on a warm, summer night.

A hint of Passion

A Hint of Passion

Passion addicts! This drink's for you! Made with fresh squeezed lemon juice and fresh passion fruit. A splash of rum and simple syrup to taste, and voila.

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